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FASM-5000 Automotive Emission Analyzer

FASM-5000 Automotive Emission Analyzer
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FASM-5000 Automotive Emission Analyzer

Main Features:

It is the newest product developed by our company with the technology from a history of 30 years in manufacturing the Automotive Emission Analyzers. Its measuring accuracy reaches the Class 0 of the OIML R99, ISO3930. Its measurement is accurate and prompt. It has the functions of reverse-purging system in the sampling line, bottled zero gas inlet, background gas inlet and the like. The sampling probe adopts a flexible structure of fully stainless steel and is able to stand the temperature of over 600℃. It is suitable for measuring the steady loaded emission of vehicle under driving mode.

Main Specifications:
Measuring objects Measuring range Measuring range
Absolute error Relative error
HC (0~2,000)×10-6vol ±4×10-6vol ±3%
(2,001~5,000)X10-6vol -- ±5%
(5,001~9,999)×10-6vol -- ±10%
CO (0~10.00)×10-2vol ±0.02×10-2vol ±3%
(10.01~16.00)×10-2vol -- ±5%
CO2 (0~16)×10-2vol ±0.3×10-2vol ±3%
(16.1~20)×10-2vol -- ±5%
NO (0~4,000)×10-6vol ±25×10-6vol ±4%
(4,001~5,000)×10-6vol -- ±8%
O2 (0.0~25.0)×10-2vol ±0.1×10-2vol ±5%
Note: the absolute error and relative error, one of the requirements to meet.