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FGA-4100A Automotive Emission Tester

FGA-4100A Automotive Emission Tester
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FGA-4100A Automotive Emission Tester

Main Features:

FGA-4100A Automotive Emission Tester is a new generation of Automotive Emission Tester with high accuracy presented by our company. This product combines the automotive emission testing function and the diesel vehicle opacity testing function together so that it is convenient for the maintenance and testing department to operate. It has a fully autonomous intellectual property right. It is able to measure and analyze tailpipe exhaust concentration from vehicle under idle speed, dual idle speed and running mode, and it is also able to analyze the diesel vehicle smoke under free acceleration running mode and transient measurement. It is suitable for the environment protection department, vehicle and motorcycle manufacturer , auto repair enterprise, public security testing station, traffic testing station and scientific research department to test the automotive emission in vehicle repair, vehicle annual inspection, test on road and scientific research.

Main Specifications:
Gas Emission Analyzer
Model FGA-4100(4G) FGA-4100(5G)
Meauring ranges HC (0~9.999)×10-6 vol (0~9.999)×10-6 vol
CO (0~10)×10-2vol (0~10)×10-2vol
CO2 (0~20)×10-2vol (0~20)×10-2vol
O2 (0~25)×10-2vol (0~25)×10-2vol
NO -- (0~5,000)×10-6 vol
λ 0.5~3.0
Oiltemp (0~150)℃
RPM (0~10,000)r·min-1
Indication error absolute error relative error
HC ±12×10-6vol ±5%
CO ±0.06×10-2vol ±5%
CO2 ±0.5×10-2vol ±5%
O2 ±0.1×10-2vol ±5%
NO ±25×10-6vol ±4%
Response time HC/CO/CO2:≤8s;O2/NO:≤12s
Measuring ranges Opacity N:(0~99.9)%
Opacity suction k:(0~16.0)m-1
Resolution Opacity N:0.1%
Opacity suction k:0.001 m-1
Indication error ±2%(Opacity N)
Power AC (220±22)V;(50±1)Hz
Output interface RS-232
Weight 9kg(Gas emission analyzer) 4.5kg(Opacimter)
Dimensions Gas analyzer: 310mm×170mm×400mm
Opacitymeter: 95mm×200mm×400mm