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FAMS-100 Automotive Emission Analyzer

FAMS-100 Automotive Emission Analyzer
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Motor Vehicle Testing Instruments
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FAMS-100 Automotive Emission Analyzer

Main Features:

The resting cycle of the system includes all working conditions.such as the idle speed ,acceleration,even speed and deceleration.It is able to accurately reflect the emission characteristic of vehicle in real driving on city road,and has a good relationship with new vehicle test.It is able to test three main pollutants of CO,HC and NO,and show them.in g/km. It is beneficial to the induction of emission factor, the calculation and the statistics of pollutants emission mass from vehicle driving in a city.It has an actual significance for a city to work out a plan to control the pollution from vehicle.It is suitable for the simple transient testing under driving mode.

Main Specifications:
E×haust analyzer
Measuring objects Measuring range Permissible indication error
Absolute error Relative error
HC (0~2,000)×10-6vol ±4×10-6vol ±3%
(2,001~5,000)×10-6vol -- ±5%
(5,001~10,000)×10-6vol -- ±10%
CO (0-10.00)×10-2vol ±0.02×10-2vol ±3%
(10.01~16.00)×10-2vol -- ±5%
CO2 (0~16)×10-2vol ±0.3×10-2vol ±3%
(16.1~20)×10-2vol -- ±5%
NO (0~4,000)×10-6vol ±25×10-6vol ±4%
(4,001~5,000)×10-6vol -- ±8%
O2 (0.0~25.0)×10-2vol ±0.1×10-2vol ±5%
Note: the absolute error and relative error, one of the requirements to meet.
Flow analyzer
Sampling frequency 2Hz
Sampling frequency (80~200)L/S
Flow accuracy Absolute error: 4L/s, Relative error: ±4%(FS)
Measuring range of diluted oxygen (5~22.5)×10-2vol
Measuring accuracy of diluted oxygen 0.1×10-2vol/±5%
Resolution of diluted oxygen Absolute error: ±0.5×10-2vol, Relative error: ±5%(Max)
Mass resolution HC 0.01mg/s
CO2 1mg/s
CO 0.1 mg/s
NO 0.01mg/s
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