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FGA-4100(4G/5G)/FGA-4100M Automotive Emission Analyzer

FGA-4100(4G/5G)/FGA-4100M Automotive Emission Analyzer
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Motor Vehicle Testing Instruments
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FGA-4100(4G/5G)/FGA-4100M Automotive Emission Analyzer

Main Features:

Possess all manufacturing technology and independent intellectual property right. It conforms to international standards such as OIML R99 and ISO3930Class I. It meets the requirement of dual idle instrument ofGB18285-2005.HC、CO、CO2 are measured by NDIR method and O2,NO are measured by electrochemistry method. Highaccuracy, with automatic compensation for pressure and temperature. With high stability and autom-atic zeroing, there is no need to frequentlycalibrate it with standard gas.It can be used to measure the vehicle using LPG,CNG and alcohol as its fuel,It can be powered by the vehicle battery for the mobile testing station (By using additional power converter,optional part).With bigLCD screen,built-in printer,it has an automatic recording and testingfunction.The rotating speed can be measured viathe cigarette lighter or battery.The two/four gas analyzer can be upgraded to fivegas analyzer.

Main Specifications:
Model FGA-4100(4G) FGA-4100(5G)
Measuring ranges HC (0~9,999)×10-6 vol (0~9,999)×10-6 vol
CO (0~10)×10-2vol (0~10)×10-2vol
CO2 (0~20)×10-2vol (0~20)×10-2vol
O2 (0~25)×10-2vol (0~25)×10-2vol
NO -- (0~5,000)×10-6 vol
λ 0.5~3.0
Oil Temp (0~150)℃
Speed (0~10,000)r·min-1
Indication error Absolute error Relative error
HC ±12 ×10-6vol ±5%
CO ±0.06 ×10-2vol ±5%
CO2 ±0.5 ×10-2vol ±5%
O2 ±0.1 ×10-2vol ±5%
NO ±25 ×10-6vol ±4%
Response time HC/CO/CO2:≤8s;O2/NO:≤12s
Power Supply AC (220V±22)V;(50±1)Hz
Output interface RS-232/RS-485
Weight 9kg
Dimensons(L×W×H) 400mm×310mm×170mm
Note: HC represents hydrocarbon;λ repesents exessive air coefficient.