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FZG-9010 Free Roller

FZG-9010 Free Roller
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Motor Vehicle Testing Benches
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FZD-9010B Vehicle Brake Tester

Main Features:

FZG-9010 Free Roller is supporting equipment for testing the brake performance or the speed-meter of the vehicle with dual back bridge drive. In the process of testing, when the testing bridge is placed on the roller of the brake tester or the speed-meter tester, the non—testing bridge should be placed on the free roller to allow the wheel to be idle turning, thus ensuring that the testing work drives the state of vehicle testing. The incorporated usage of the free roller and the brake tester has expanded the applications of the brake tester and speed-meter tester.

Main Specifications:
Permitted max axle-load 15t
Roller dimension(D×L) Φ185mm×1100mm
Distance between roller axle 235mm
Roller number 6
Brake mode Cylinder
Compressed air pressure (0.5~0.8)MPa
Dimensions(L×W×H) 3344mm×1080mm×300mm
Weight 900kg